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BOOSTER Raspberry 320g = 40 servings
  • Hardcore Energizer Formula
  • Hardcore Focus Formula
  • Anti Crash Formula
  • Made in Germany

  • Higher maximum performance
  • Mental power boost
  • Intense in color and taste
  • Yields at just 8g per serving

    Our GEEKZ ENERGY BOOSTER Raspberry is a uniquely designed mental booster that encourages you to perform at your best with a phenomenal focus. Whether as a professional or casual gamer / racer: These sports require the greatest possible attention, quick reactions and a high level of tactical understanding.

    GEEKZ ENERGY has made it its goal to support everyone in their demanding (e)sports.

    Thanks to synergetic active ingredients, the scientifically based formula not only increases your concentration and mental performance, but also protects against an unwanted crash despite the razor-sharp focus.

    Dietary supplement with taurine, caffeine, acetyltyrosine and plant extracts. With sugar and sweeteners Contains 50 mg/100ml caffeine

    Dextrose, inulin, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, acid (citric acid), taurine, flavoring (contains lactose), caffeine, green tea extract, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), rhodiola rosea extract, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), color ( E133, E131, E171)

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    • Give no wings!

      Doesn't give you wings, but a turbojet... As (e)athletes we have special needs: we have to be calm, concentrated and focused. It is precisely on these skills that we have focused our formulas for gamers/racers.

    • Fair prices?

      Good things don't have to cost a lot: You can enjoy our booster, for example, with the best quality for only 66 cents per portion!

    • Made in Germany?

      Your performance drink was developed for you by nutrition experts and pushes you with premium quality Made in Germany!